Essentials oils are something that everyone should love. It is so versatile and can just bring so much good stuff into your life.

You are probably what I am referring to, but not only do they contain health benefits, whether you use them topically for your skin, ingest them or use them as a scent to bring fragrance to your home, there possibilities are limitless!

Here are my absolute favorites which I believe are the best nature’s gift essential oils that everyone should give a try. Read on to learn all about them.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants by distilling, cold processing and other methods. Think of it as trying to get the main essence of the plant and converting into an oil to get not only the fragrance, but also all the vitamins and nutrients possible.

Nature’s gift essential oils offer a wide range of choices that were extracted and processed to give the best benefits.

Uses Of Essential Oils

1. Home / Domestic Use

Essential oils can be used as an ingredient for recipes. You can also use it to clean, groom your pets and other home remedies.

Some essential oils may even be used as an insecticide, which as very safe of keeping your household free of any harmful chemicals which is very important if you have kids and pets around the house.

2. Health Benefits

Since essential oils are intended to retain all the natural vitamins and nutrients, you can select the best food grade essential oil with your desired benefits. You have boundless options since plants are just simply so diverse.

The key lies in finding the best essential oil for whatever plant you are looking for. You can find ones to give you more energy, lose weight, gain weight, look younger and so forth. Make sure that anything you ingest is food grade, to be on the safe side.

3. Topical Applications

There are essential oils you can use as first aid remedies, but there are more that you can use as a moisturizer, facial and body wash, for your hair and so forth. Your skin will be able to absorb the nutrients topically.

You will also love the fact that since essential oils are usually pure, they contain almost no artificial ingredients that are often bad for your skin.

4. Fragrance

You have probably heard that a scent holds one of the most powerful memories that the human brain can retain.

That is so true, especially when it comes to essential oils. Since these are very concentrated, the aroma is much stronger and much purer. You can use it to make your own perfume, or as a fragrance around your house.

Fragrance can affect your mood and the state of your mind. It can either relax you or energize, and there is nothing better than a fragrant home!

Best Nature’s Gift Essential Oils

1. Nature’s Gift Rose Otto

Rose Oil

Nature’s Gift Rose Otto has a very pure, long lasting scent. Rose oils are great fragrances for women, especially. They are good in helping people suffering from grief and depression to feel more at peace and to improve their emotional.

And to all the men readers out there, roses are not just pretty, their scent is also a passion inducer!

2. Nature’s Gift Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They are great for treating acne, treating wounds, and even fungal infections. If you have smelled sandalwood before, you would notice feeling oddly nostalgic.

This is because sandalwood scents are great not only for your psychological well-being, but also for your spiritual and physical self.

3. Nature’s Gift Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Whenever you are feeling anxious or scared of anything, sniff a sandalwood and you would feel your confidence building up again. This is a scent that I often associate with home, not that we had any cedar wood where I grew up.

But the smell reaches out to the basic inner self you have and picks you back up. Also, it is great for oily skins, even your scalp. This is also used to treat bladder and kidney problems which makes it a very awesome essential to try.

Essential Oils For You!

There is a perfect essential oil for everyone, and for any mood you are in. Check out essential oils and their benefits to find the ones that would suit you the most.

Before that, try the ones in this list because they are guaranteed to make you feel good, lessen your stress and revive you. It will also make awesome gifts for people you really care about this holiday season.

Wishing your loved ones well-being can be a better gift than anything that money can buy. Happy reading!

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