The most common problems accessing the Gmail e-mail service can be solved by resorting to the correct solutions.

If you are unable to access your Gmail account, make sure you enter the correct password . If this is not enough, update the software to the latest version. In the case of using an email client that does not comply with Google’s security standards, it may be sufficient to allow less secure apps to access Gmail.

To do this, connect to the Google less secure apps access section (, log in to your Google account and activate the Allow less secure apps option. If it continues to be insufficient, make sure that the option to check for new messages more than the limit is not enabled in the mail client settings. Otherwise change the frequency value. Fix your email login for safe playing of real money slots usa.

Fixed problem of too many simultaneous connections to the Gmail account

And if the error that appears is that of “Too many simultaneous connections”. It means the Gmail account uses more than the 15 IMAP connections allowed for a single. The solution is quite simple: log out of one or more email clients in use or remove the Gmail account from one or more clients.

Google Mail Crash Error Resolved

The crash error occurs when the mail client tries to download a large number of emails. To correct it, access the Gmail IMAP settings and complete the configuration so as to synchronize only the folders containing a maximum number of emails equal to 10,000 units. Or temporarily remove the Gmail account from the mail client in use and a subsequent second configuration. You can get all notification of real money casino online if you have smooth mailing system.

Fixed issue with Gmail security certificate

No alarm if the message “The server you are connected to uses a security certificate that has not been verified. The connected network name specified in the certificate does not match the passed value ”. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have set the client for IMAP instead of POP . Then check that next to the Inbox server setting there is the parameter and not

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