There are many beneficial results if one knows how to use aromatherapy. While nebulizing diffusers are commonly used for such purposes, there are many who have found out the various benefits and advantages associated with a good green air diffuser. They are also referred to as humidifiers and they can combine aromatherapy with other benefits that are associated with nebulizers. The problem with nebulizers is that it is only restricted to individuals. However, when one knows how to use the right air diffusers it certainly can make a big difference.

Various Advantages Of Green Air Diffusers

These green diffusers are not only eco friendly but are also known to effectively disperse the aroma that is associated with naturally occurring essential oils which are water soluble. When these essential oils are used with the right diffusers they form small mist like droplets which are easily inhalable and they work almost immediately. Since there is water content in the diffusers they also go a long way in keeping the atmosphere moist and humid. They could help a lot in preventing the various problems of the lung and the bronchial track often caused by dryness in the atmosphere. They also could go a long way in helping make the room or the enclosures fresh and refreshing. Hence, when all the above factors are taken into account there are many reasons for going in for a good green air diffuser.

What To Look For When Buying A Diffuser

There are different brands and models of air diffusers. Therefore it is quite possible that there could be confusion and indecision when it comes to choosing the right one. However, there are some thumb rules which could be followed when one is on the lookout for good air diffusers. Here are a few of them that could prove useful:

The first and foremost attribute that must be taken into account is the capacity of the diffuser. It should be able to spread the aromatic effect to all corners of any reasonable living or drawing room.

The quality of the material, the rate at which the diffuser works, the LED features, the auto on and auto off features are also important factors that could help in choosing the right diffuser.

At the time of buying an oil diffuser, you need to make sure that you are buying the diffuser of a good and reputed brand. Hundreds of brands are now selling oil diffusers but you should not think that all the diffusers available in the market are equally good and effective.

You should check out the warranty at the time of buying any oil diffuser. The more is the warranty period, the better it is. At the same time, you need to check what is included in the warranty and what is not.

Last but not the least, it is always advisable to buy oil diffusers online. However, at the time of buying oil diffusers online, you need to make sure that you are buying the diffuser from a reputed seller.

Over the next few lines we will have a look at three renowned and reputed models of air diffusers as follows:

  1. GreenAir AromaMister Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
  2. GreenAir Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser
  3. GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser

All the above three models of air diffusers are from the house of GreenAir. They have a very good track record and reputation when it comes to offering quality humidifiers and air diffusers. It is therefore quite likely that they enjoy reasonable goodwill amongst customers.

Hence we will look at the above three models from the perspective of features, specifications, functionalities, customer reviews and then try to draw a final conclusion. We hope it will go a long way in helping potential customers to get a reasonably good idea about the three brands mentioned above. Go through the below given review carefully and buy the one which suits you the best as per your unique requirements.

1. GreenAir AromaMister Essential Oil Diffuser

The much talked about and popular GreenAir AromaMister Oil Diffuser has quite a few features that are interesting and perhaps even unique. Here are a few such features which are worth looking at closely.


It is a very unique diffuser which perhaps combines looks with appearance. According to many customers it is a wonderful creation of modern science without compromising on the looks and appearances in any manner. It has 6 soothing LED lights which can be easily turned on and off using a user-friendly button depending on the level of water. There are many customers who have vouched for its sophisticated and ultrasonic technology. This certainly goes a long way in creating mist which is ultrafine. The results are almost immediately evident and this is what sets the humidifier apart from the others in the market. The best thing is that it does not heat the essential oil at all. Therefore all the properties of the oil are kept intact.

The GreenAir AromaMister Oil Diffuser is also capable for diffusing a reasonably big room for around 8 hours. It therefore provides complete and wholesome relief for those who are looking at ways to overcome common colds, increased levels of cognition, pain relief and also enhancement of mood. It could also be used quite effectively for deodorizing the room if it smells of alcohol, cigarette, and tobacco and even odors emanating from pets and their hairs. Hence, customers often refer it to a complete and holistic solution for those looking at quality humidifying solutions.

It is easy to use and it just takes a few drops (around 5 to 6) of essential oils to be present in the reservoir mixed with trap water that is lukewarm. It works almost immediately and many customers have vouched for it mentioning that it goes a long way in relieving headaches and prevent them from recurring.

Specifications: It has a capacity of 150 ml and is quite sufficient for easily covering a room of 250 square feet. A small family will therefore find it extremely suitable and will get full value for money. The run time is around 5 hours but using the auto off and on feature it is possible to run the device for almost 8 hours. It operates on wall plug and does not run on batteries. It is very energy efficient and is safe and easy to use. It is dome shaped and therefore it could be considered as a good diffuser that combines looks with ergonomics.

Customer Feedback

On the whole when one looks at the various customer reviews there are reasons to believe that it is one of the better known brands in the market. That perhaps explains the reason why it has more that 71% users giving it a thumbs-up with more rating of 4-star and above. However, there are some users (very few in number) who have expressed reservations about quality and durability. But in fine, it is a good product when weighing pros and cons.

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2. GreenAir Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser for Aromatherapy

If you are one of those on the lookout for a wonderful green air diffuser that can offer the best of natural oils that are extracted from barks, flowers, leaves, roots, and stems, then there are many reasons as to why it might make sense to go in for the GreenAir Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Black Zen Design for instant therapy and advanced wellness. There are quite a few customers who have quite a few good things to talk about this diffuser. Here are a few points that could be considered as takeaways:


It comes with a unique ultrasonic technology. It does not heat the natural oils thereby helps retain the natural properties. Many renowned brands do not offer this feature and therefore it is something that has gone down very well with customers.
It is quite cost effective and has long life and is reliable to say the least. It is a device which combines looks with performance and is known for its ergonomics.
It is very easy to operate and requires just opening of the top and adding drops of chosen essential oils. Warm water should be added and the dome should be replaced. The results are there for everyone to see almost immediately.
It starts working almost immediately and offers relief from pain and also could be considered a big mood enhancer.
It also goes a long way in enhancing moods, treating and providing relief to common colds, and also to aid improved cognition. Most importantly it helps a lot in making the room a fresher and cleaner place.

Coming to specifications, the GreeanAir Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Black Zen Design is quite ergonomically designed. Further the product weighs just 1.5 pound and has a run time of 6 hours which can easily be extended to eight hours if needed.

Customer Feedback

Based on customer feedback and going by the various reviews that the product has, there are reasons to believe that it is a product which offers good value for money. This is corroborated by the fact that the product has more than 80% positive reviews with rating of 4 and above. This in itself is a very positive endorsement of the product from many angles. Further many customers who have used it have reasons to believe that it makes very little noise and does not disturb sleep in any manner whatsoever. Special mention also has been made about the quality of after sales services which according to customers are a takeaway.

However, on the flip side there are many who feel that the diffuser is not as good as it is made out to be. There are quite a few customers who have seemingly not found it useful and have to replace it twice or thrice with no results whatsoever. The LED lighting systems also have failed once in a while. However, the instances of such malfunctions are few and far between and in general the overall impression is that it is a wonderful diffuser which offers the best value for money for a majority of its customers.

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3. GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser

Are you on the lookout for a well and truly high class portable humidifier that is portable and yet very powerful then there are many reasons as to why it makes sense to go in for the muck talked about GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser. Coming from the house of GreenAir there is hardly any doubt that this is considered to be one of the most efficient and highly reliable humidifiers available in the market today. Let us therefore look at the various specifications which go in making it such a hot selling brand all across.


There are quite a few features that are worth mentioning as far as this humidifier is concerned. It is a device that operates without water. Hence it goes a long way in instantly delivery aromatherapy benefits. It works on batteries and with the help of an USB adapter or by an AC adapter it can easily be carried out for trips and could be used. Therefore it is perfectly suited for outdoor use.

It comes with a unique Scent Pod Power Adapter. All that it needs is two small AA batteries. It can easily be used in the offices, small spaces or even while on travel. It can also be used in buses, trains and other places. The device comes with a small internal fan which is good enough to disperse the required essential oil. It starts working almost instantaneously and therefore is well and truly a complete and total solution for those looking for a quality humidifier. Children in particular suffering from mild to moderate colds have benefitted from this device. It is very good to look at and according to many customers GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser is something which has the perfect mix between looks, appearances and functionalities.

Coming to specifications it is very easy to handle and is ergonomically designed. It weighs just 5.6 ounces and the product dimensions are quite small (4.2 inches x 3.5 inches x 3 inches). It also comes with scent pads where the essential oils have to be added. The scent pads needs to be changed and this would depend on the period for which it is being used. It is possible to reuse the pads and this also makes is very cost-effective. The special pads make it possible to use it with almost all types of essential and natural oils.

Customer Feedback

It is a product which comes with almost 63% ratings above 4 which is quite good for such a small product as GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser. This is perhaps because of the unique padding technology and the battery based power supply.

However, there are some customers who have expressed reservations about certain functionalities of this product. This is basically because of the rattling noise which emanates from the motor also the malfunctioning of the fans. But this according to many customers could be attributed more because of wrong handling than product defects. However, since it is a complaint it should be looked at from the right perspective.

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Final Words

Now you are more or less familiar with the 3 best oil diffusers available in the market. Choose the product which is the best according to you. By the way, no matter which diffuser among the above-discussed three models you are choosing, you would make a great choice.

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